Holistic pet sitting & pet care for your animal family

Imagine taking a vacation and knowing that the person you’ve hired to care for your pets will love them just like you do. Hire me and know that your pets are in capable, trustworthy hands. This will allow you to have peace of mind, relax and have fun while you’re away.

I talk to your animals, offer Reiki and subtly offer animal counseling. Imagine coming home to a happy, relaxed and contented animal(s). PS I often send text messages and photos to the owners while they travel.

Animals have been my passion since a very early age and I have been a seeker of knowledge my entire life. As a result, I have studied many healing modalities and integrated them into my life. These modalities have been practiced on clients, my students, myself and my beloved animal family. I have incorporated my love for animals and the wisdom I have gained into a comprehensive, well balanced approach towards my holistic pet care services.

Imagine returning home from a restful and fun-filled vacation to find your animal family equally relaxed. In addition to the typical pet care services including food, water, walks, playtime (I’ve been known to read to one kitty in particular), brushing, cleaning litter boxes, etc., I offer plant watering, mail & newspaper pick-up, adjusting lights and blinds and special requests. I also offer Reiki energy work (which is a hands on healing technique), aromatherapy (Young Living Essential Oils) and I can make special Bach Flower remedy tinctures for your pet. These modalities help create calming results and are available at an additional minimal cost.

Pet Care specialist Dorothy Davis with Tasha in the Sedona Desert

Dorothy & Tasha in the Sedona Desert

I have cared for all types of domestic pets including cats, dogs, birds, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, fish and rabbits.

My pet care business was created based on the needs of my animal family when I travel. I help pet owners feel confident and relaxed knowing that their animals will receive personalized holistic pet care with love and affection.

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