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Four leggers are my life!

Pet Care Specialist Dorothy Davis

Pet Care Specialist Dorothy Davis & Tasha

My interest in pets and animals began at a very early age. Whoever said that being the youngest child is the gateway to being spoiled and privileged….was clearly NOT the youngest sibling.

Well, I was the youngest of seven children, and you can probably imagine that my brothers and sisters were “occasionally” trying to get rid of me. So, in an effort to keep my big brother from selling me at the neighbor’s rummage sale and to avoid being put up for adoption by my big sister,

I developed a very deep relationship and connection to our beloved family pets. Our private menagerie included a dog, a cat, kittens, a parakeet and a rabbit. Based on their unconditional love, non-judgmental attitude and all around good sense, they became my best friends and confidants.

My enthusiasm for animals has never waned. I have been involved with, volunteering both time and money, to several organizations including the Humane Society, Big Cat Animal Rescue and Southeastern Guide Dogs.

My full service pet sitting business is a natural outgrowth of all of these experiences and I have been in love with my job since 1988. I work with all animals. I provide traditional services including pet sitting, dog walks & hikes for pets that are home all day or staying at local pet-friendly hotels.

I offer Reiki healings, aromatherapy, and Bach Flower Remedies for pets that are feeling stressed or missing their human companions. And my kitty clients find my home grown organic catnip completely irresistible!!

My special connection with animals has led to a career that combines my experience and my commitment to professional and reliable service with the desire to provide your pet with the same care and love you want them to have…especially when you are away.

Please contact me and let me know how I can best serve you and your much-loved four legger!!! Thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait to hear from you.