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Can your dog teach you to be more joyful?

My short answer is yes. I took my 12 year old dog Tasha for a hike today on the Big Park Loop. If you aren’t a local resident of Sedona that means hitting the trail from the Bell Rock parking lot and making a loop around the Courthouse Butte. I am quite protective (almost never let her off leash) and very finicky about her cleanliness. Today was a new day, could it be the New Year energy? Who knows?

I let her off of the leash and let her run ahead of me on the trail. She promptly found some fresh horse poop to snack on when I wasn’t looking. Drat! We met a nice couple that had recently moved here from Idaho, had a chat with them and went on our way. We came upon an area where the water runs through during heavy rains or snow. The area currently has puddles in the rocks and I decided since I was feeling so good to let her get a drink and take a plunge. Oh boy, did she ever!

She ran from one puddle to the next, diving into the water, slipping and sliding with a big smile on her face. Did I mention my dog is kind of a french-vanilla color and that Sedona is Red Rock country? Need I say more? Tasha was chest deep in the water and then we had to hike through the red dirt. I knew a bath was eminent when I returned home.

I started out with the garden hose in the yard and a bucket of warm water and a good doggie shampoo. Silly me. Red dirt is everywhere in Sedona. So now, I had to get my very unhappy wet dog into my walk-in shower. Yikes! It was like a crazy episode of a comedy on TV. So now, I am scrubbing the shower, mopping the floor, washing towels, rugs, and taking pictures of the debris field that is my home.

This day with Tasha was worth every minute of it. I might add that I managed to stay in my joy in the process of the clean-up. Plus, the next time I take Tasha to her groomer, she will probably get a bigger tip!

Until next time..

The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small

Ted Andrews | Animal SpeakHi everyone,
I wanted to share with you, one of my most influential mentors, Ted Andrews. I had the pleasure of meeting and taking classes with Ted while I was living in Ann Arbor, MI.

My favorite book of Ted’s is “Animal – Speak” (The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small). This book became my animal information Bible.

I have always felt that everything that shows up in our life has significance and meaning and this book solidified that feeling to me.

Walks and hikes in nature became an adventure into the magical realm of moment to moment conscious awareness.

Every animal, bird, insect, and reptile, that I encountered became a messenger from the universe, to guide my receptivity to my surroundings.

For example:
Raccoon: Ted’s Keynote – Dexterity and Disguise
Cycle of Power: Spring and Summer – Nocturnal
He defines them as experts at opening jars, latches, doorknobs, and such. Because of the cute little mask like markings on their face, they are jokingly referred to as thieves. They do have a reputation of thievery, swiping things from others.

Cat: Ted’s Keynote – Mystery, Magic, and Independence
Cycle of Power: Nighttime
The has a wide variety of traits-often contradictory. Curiosity, nine lives, independence, cleverness, unpredictability, and healing are but a few. Ted recommends examining the colors, the character, the behavior of your own cat. Everything about it will be significant.

Dogs: Ted’s Keynote – Faithfulness and Protection
Cycle of Power: Year-round
Study your dog, if it has come into your life as a totem, ask yourself some questions.
What is this saying about your need for or lack of companionship? Are you being faithful? Are others around you? Are you showing unconditional love, or receiving it? Do you need to be more protective of your territory? Do you need to play a little more? Are you being faithful to yourself? Does your spirit need bolstering? How about those around you?

Ted AndrewsI have such high regard for Ted Andrews, he was truly what I would consider a Renaissance man.

Sadly, Ted passed away a few years ago of cancer. He will always hold a special place in my heart, as a champion for the animal kingdom.

Until, next time…thanks for stopping by!